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The Real Thing

Tbh no one really knows what football means to a football player. It’s not were just jocks and hitting people we are a family. We grow together as a team. We see each other and lift each other up when we struggle. We spend days and nights together on the field from dusk till dawn. Day in day out. Blood, sweat, tears. Years spent on a field with the same team watching your back. Every year family leaving and new family joinin now that I’m the family member leaving it sucks I know I will never be able to participate and play again with my family. My love for my game was intense. I don’t know what I’m going to do without football for the rest of my life it was one constant thing that was always there every day every summer … Pushing myself. With out this i know who I am but I don’t want It to leave me. Football was my life..


Creepy selfie fun

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